Davidstow cheese ploughmans


Add some Cornish charm to your ploughman’s with our Davidstow Crackler cheese. It is complex and creamy but with a crumbly texture like the rugged north coasts of Cornwall. Try serving it with a glazed ham, some pickles and oat cakes.

Serves: 2

Prep time: 10 minutes

Skill level: Easy


•    150g grated Davidstow Cheddar, 18 month Crackler, sliced

•    4 slices of ham

•    2 tsp of piccalilli

•    2 tsp of green tomato chutney

•    4 pickled onions

•    Selection of crackers

•    4-5 cornichons

•    1 Sliced Apple


Slice all ingredients and arrange on a board or platter to share. Serve with a selection of pickles and enjoy outside, weather permitting!!

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