Davidstow is a real village in North Cornwall (located between
Padstow and Bude), from which we’re proud to take our name.
We’ve been perfecting our cheese here for over 70 years, since
the creamery first sprung to life on a former WW2 RAF aerodrome.

We start with the best milk in the land

Thanks to our conditions here in the South West, with plentiful rainfall and warmer than average temperatures,
our climate makes for perfect grass growing conditions. This means that cows can graze outside for longer,
producing milk that’s rich in butterfat, and ideal for making cheese.

Most of the farmers who work with us are family-owned businesses, all operating to our exacting Davidstow
Farm Standards (which we apply in addition to the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme).

To get great milk requires:

Excellent breeding having the right cows plays a huge part in achieving the perfect quality of milk, rich in butterfat and protein.

Excellent feeding the herd needs a nutritious, balanced diet to produce consistently top quality milk for our Davidstow recipe.

Excellent farming – respect for the land, the animals and the environment is key to ensuring a quality, sustainable milk supply.

It takes time to get all this right

David Berridge, Penhesken Farm, Tregony, Truro

We then make the cheese at our multi-award-winning Davidstow creamery

Our recipes are unique thanks to the cultures and processes we’ve developed and refined over the years.

They’re made by a team of expert cheesemakers and graders, many of whom have been with us for most of their
working lives, amassing a wealth of skill & knowledge over the years.

High quality milk from our direct supply Cornish farms, together with our bespoke blend of starter cultures, combine to forge the beautiful flavour and texture of our award-winning cheddar.

Then we add our final ingredient – time. We never rush our cheese. We let it slowly mature and develop, taking all the months it needs to develop the richness and flavour we’re famous for.