An impressive cheeseboard is easy to put together with a bit of
knowledge and care. Here are our top tips to ensure your
cheeseboard rounds off festivities in the perfect manner:

• Never have more than four cheeses on the board.
– Vary the cheeses that you include to incorporate a variety of textures and styles.
– We recommend 1x soft, 1x goats, 1x hard, 1x blue.
• Pairing cheese with the right accompaniments will bring out its unique flavours.
• Partner Davidstow with a fruity or ale-based chutney and crunchy oatcakes, which help provide a sweet balance to its sharp bite.
• Be sure to serve cheese at room temperature to bring out its full flavour – allow a minimum standing period of 20 minutes.
• Never pre-slice cheese as it will cause it to dry out.
• Present cheese on either a large, flat slate, marble tile or a wooden cheeseboard.